About me

Born in the small town of Forster, NSW Australia and now living in London, UK. Keen interests in Web Development, Ethics, Culture, and Travel.


James has worked in Web Development professionally since 2006, starting at the University of Newcastle Australia working on the corporate Website in client side development, then moving to server-side Java EE development.

In 2010, James moved to London and worked at the BBC for 4 years, working on Personalisation and Social shared front-end components and services across BBC online using PHP Zend and JavaScript, and also developing architecture solutions for Personalisation systems.

From 2014-2016, James worked at The Guardian as a Senior Full-Stack Developer on a number of areas, including: Editorial Tools (the internal CMS), the User Sign-in service, and then as Team Lead on the Guardian's front-end News website. During his time at the Guardian, he worked with many technologies across the stack, including Scala, Angular JS, ES6, SystemJS, Sass, and AWS.

Currently, James is consulting with Contino, working with Enterprise clients to work in modern Continuous Delivery methods and Container based services. James is currently working heavily with React, NodeJS, and Docker.

For more information on my Professional career, please contact me on LinkedIn